Her Spirit Vodka



Her Spirit Vodka is 6 times distilled.  It has a clean crisp taste and finishes very smoothly with a touch of creaminess. Easy on the rocks, great in martinis, or with some fresh ingredients mixed in!

If it's not available at your local bar or liquor store, just ask for it...chances are they'll order it! Just let them know it's distributed by Bellboy! Sold in a 1 L bottle size.

Bottled at 40% ABV | Neutral spirit distilled from 100% corn


Woman owned brand who supports other women in business? I’ll drink to that!! Amazing vodka + amazing message = the BEST vodka on the market.
— Sarah S.
Vodka can punch you in the face or it cane make every cocktail sweeter and smoother. Her Spirit is honestly the smoothest vodka I’ve ever tasted. Dangerously easy to drink, and supports a great cause! AND at an awesome price point! The quality is incredible compared to others at the same price. I’ll drink Her spirit over Tito’s any day.
— Andrea B.
Her Spirit Vodka is fabulous on so many levels! The taste is outstanding and Kjersten’s mission to give back to women makes this vodka a true stand-out!
— Julie S.
I love Her Spirit Vodka. It’s so smooth and definitely in the caliber of premium vodka brands. Not to mention the mission behind Her Spirit. It’s my go to vodka and go to gift!!! Love supporting brands who have a purpose!
— Randi L.