Creating a legacy of doing good, one drink at a time


After a long day of kicking ass, you deserve a drink that understands what it means to work like a boss and be one. So pour one for the fierce females of the world and while you’re shaking things up over ice, your dollars will work overtime by investing into women entrepreneurs.  

HALF BACK TO HER | 50% of the profits are given back to women entrepreneurs.

Her Spirit Vodka is now available in bars and liquor stores throughout the state of Minnesota! 



Drink responsibly. Dream recklessly.

What made someone think of Her Spirit? 

The founders are a couple, the wife a no non-sense get it done kind of woman, the husband a dreamer with big ideas. With Kjersten being 100% owner, they combined their passion and their vision to create Her Spirit with a commitment to creating quality spirits.  Wanting to leave a legacy of doing good while having fun doing it, they decided to produce a top shelf vodka with a top shelf mission.  

So raise your glass, because while you’re having one for yourself, you’re having one for Her!

For every woman who has ever inspired you…support Her Spirit!

How can you show your support?

Any of the following will help, but of course sales are what we need most…

1. You can buy the vodka (available throughout MN)!

 2. You can tell all your friends about it...spread the word!

3. You can ask for it at your bars and liquor stores if they don’t already have it!

4. You can follow us on social media!

5. You can subscribe to our podcast (It’s All About Her)!

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